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The Full Story

The Clash

When a fierce rivalry spanning generations is seeped into present day, destiny becomes a fickle thing for two students.


The Story

It is the finals of a martial arts tournament, with two rival Dojo’s (school/hall) top pupils going head-to-head for the championship trophy and their senseis' honour. One must stand and one must fall. It just depends on their conviction and determination, which one stands victor.

The Director's Vision


My Vision for this film is to show the idea of what the logline says, ‘Destiny is fickle’ because of two factors.  The first factor is the rivalry spanning generations, especially with it being at an all-time high with the current Sifu masters.


They take pride in their Dojos and the honour to represent their style in competitions. Rivalries from different martial arts schools is it's own entity and occurs a lot in tournaments, especially if both schools train in the same style of martial art.  However, respect is still shown to different Dojo’s as it is deemed dishonourable, to not show respect to other schools and their masters, even if there are feuds.  


I want to show this level of seriousness, and how deep this rivalry goes, between the two senseis, just by how they talk, move, and respond to each other, as they have a conversation while their students are fighting.  


The second factor is based around the students fighting, because they are best friends, and know each other very well, and wanted to get involved in martial arts, because of its art form, and how it interested them. The two joined the Dojos, hoping to train together, but due to some complications and not liking the style of fighting, one left and joined a rival school, who trains in the same style, but with more aggression.


Because of this, my take is for the characters to have conflicting feelings, while fighting. Both want to do well and win for their master, but both don’t want to really hurt each other.

Meet Nilly

Martial Arts: Kung Fu, Shaolin, Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, Wu Shu, Kendo, XMA

One of our main actors, who has worked on projects such as Spiderman - Far From Home , Rocket Man and Wonder Woman 1984. She has had experience in both film and TV, as well as other video productions, such as commercials, as both a stunt coordinator and an actor.


Meet Vetas

Breaking | Tricking | Martial Arts | XMA Weaponry | Acrobatics

Our other main actor has had extensive experience in stunt coordination and acting. His projects range from The Witcher, Willow, Ganapath and The Marvels, as wall as many other video productions and commercials.

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