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As a small film production company, we are full of ideas and plans for our future projects. If you're here, you're probably interested in our work, either as a filmmaker yourself, who is looking to build up your network, we can help with that. Or, if you're an investor, looking to find new film projects to fund, we welcome all donations and help in whatever form you can give.

If you're interested in one of our projects, just click on one, and you'll be able to see the work we've put into them so far. If the project is one we've already completed, know that it might be a precursor to a larger world of storytelling that will take time to create, so if you'd like to help us with it, let us know.

This new project is exciting! It's a short martial arts film, centred around 2 martial arts students who, throughout their training end up being rivals and enemies, even in their old age. But how far will their rivalry go?

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This is our current passion project. It is a post-apocalyptic inspired adventure film that revolves around a father and son, who are planning to find a cure to a deadly disease after world leaders decided to turn their backs on the people they govern. 

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The very first of our major productions, Crossing Over is a dark comedy about the Grim Reaper. Not all deaths are riddled with deep emotions, some come from accidents, and it is in those accidents that the Grim Reaper has the hardest time. Like a dead-end job, with no real payouts, the Grim Reaper has to provide the best customer service, while still preserving the sanctity of death.

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