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Our Latest Project:


There s Blood In The Water

The Concept

The world’s water supply has been contaminated with a deadly and incurable virus. There are measures to suppress the symptoms and prolong the life of a victim, but the virus is evolving, and it isn’t long before those measures become redundant.

Aqua follow the struggle of a single father, as he tries to find a way to save his adopted son, who has been infected by the virus. He finds out that there is a cure, a very experimental one, but it’s working, and he’s determined to get it for his son, no matter the cost. The only problem is…it’s in China.

More and more people are discovering this fact and will do anything to get their hands on it, so China has closed its borders. The only way in through those gates is by being rich and affording the necessary paperwork to get through, or by climbing those fences illegally.

Dylan has no other choice but to become an illegal immigrant, if he wants to save his son. The process is dangerous, and the less people in the party, the easier it is to get through. So, he has to leave the life he knew behind, while he, his son and a couple of good friends battle their way past other immigrants and other obstacles to get the cure.

The Producer's Vision

The concept of Aqua is an interesting one. It started off with the idea of a cheesy zombie film, yet over time, I saw myself changing the story over and over again, due to the concept either being done or just boring. It was when I was having a conversation with my mother while making coffee, that we thought how lucky we were to have access to water every day. It was from that comment that I began to wonder “what if water was inaccessible?”


What if water was our greatest enemy?”


Thinking about the topic of pollution in our current day and how important it is to us, not only for survival but economically as well, I began to research more into the idea if our water supply being polluted or invaded by new bacterial infection that caused our immune system to shut down at a rapid pace.


Thus, throwing the world into complete chaos as the human population began to plummet at a shocking rate. Yet though the concept was great, I felt that focusing on the average man and his family in this new world would be more interesting to focus on. As in writing all of the world are dealing with a new virus which has completely changed our lives. Its ironically how this small conversation I had with my mother, has slowly become a reality. The only positive is this is not Aqua, for if it was, we would be in serious need for a saviour.


I wanted to incorporate another idea into this film, due to it being such a relevant topic in society. The concept of immigrants and emigrating to a different land, but with a twist. Showing our western protagonist emigrating to the East, by all means necessary to provide his son a better life. I felt in an age where we are so divided, I wanted to show how, it is wrong to do, if we were in the situation, we as parents and humans would do the same thing, especially if it gives our children a chance for a better life, and with Aqua if our protagonist doesn’t do something, there won’t be a next generation.


Finally, the most important element I wanted to show is the idea of family and the lengths parents and siblings go to, in order to protect one another, even if they are blood-related or not. In many films the is a norm where the families are torn apart due to some event and reunited at the end, going through a journey of self-discovery and testing family bonds. I wanted to show the characters always together and explore what it means to be one, while facing such hardships.

Glasses of Water

We Have A Long Way To Go

You might think we've done a lot, towards this production, but the truth is, we haven't even begun to shoot this major production yet. Why? We have yet to secure the funding for it. Don't worry, we are looking into many different options that will see us through, but we will be happy for any form of donation, whether you donate your service to us, as part of the cast and crew, or if you're looking to invest in the project. All you have to do is contact us, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

In the meantime, take a look at our Promo Booklet, which we will be adding to, once we get more information, and progress into the crowdfunding stage of the production's process.

If that's not enough, here are a few concept art pieces of the main characters in the film.

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