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Updated: Jan 22, 2022

To believe that 20 years have passed since the terror attack that changed the world. This event led to America declaring war on terror and spending two decades, two trillion dollars, and most importantly seeing the loss of many US, UK, and Afghan civilians, and 2996 people dead on 9/11. This documentary will be added to our list of disturbing documentary series due to its disturbing retelling of the 9/11 attacks, with new stories, audio, and archive footage.

There are five episodes on the new Netflix show, with the first three episodes showing the moment and build up to the terror attack, using the footage we have all seen and multiple interviews of the people on that day, and what they felt, heard, and saw. From the moment the plane hit the North and South tower to the moment it fell, this documentary tells the reactions of high-level associates, of the president, and how they responded, which is filled with stomach-churning tension and emotion. This makes the Netflix documentary a powerful statement on how a nation responds to terror. It also provides a quick lesson on Al Qaeda, its history, how it started as a simple freedom fighting group, from the soviet invasion, and how America slowly created their future enemy by providing them billions in arms and stringer rockets.

The documentary series gives a compressive telling of the events of 9/11 and the war itself. One negative aspect of the series are some editing and pacing processes. The reason is that you are watching these anxiety-driven moments of the attack to then cut to President George Bush, and how his team was going to tell him this news, then back to a story of the Pentagon attack. This takes you out of the moment, almost immediately. There are only so many moments you can use this editing technique, before losing your audience completely.

With all that said, Director Brian Knappenberger uses archive footage effectively, hitting the audience with full force, making you remember or experience some of the emotions that people felt on that day, So, if you are a Millennial, you were either a child or a young adult when 9/11 happened. Turning Point will not teach you anything you do not already know. It would serve as a resourceful overview if you wanted to know or make any sense of the components that lead to this tradgey and a two-decade war.

It is important to remember and learn our history, so we and our future generations can never repeat the mistakes made by us now, our parents and grandparents. With the events happening in 2021, I am not surprised why Netflix released this series so soon. Some may find this in bad taste and are using the situation to market the show more. Nevertheless, Turning Point shows the good, the bad and the very ugly sides of the events that unfolded and the aftermath, determination, resolve of the people that were there on the day and the families of the victims.

For this series, I am going to give it 4 out of 5 NI.

Check out the Trailer Below.

It is a powerful overview of the horrors of 9/11 and the many failures of the American government, and how the people united to rebuild and never forget the lives lost.

I hope you enjoyed this quick review of Turning Point: 9/11. If you enjoyed this review, how about following us. we provide reviews, breakdowns and much more.

Love you all, BJS CHA!

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Simon R Pires

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