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Equipment Review - New Balance 990v5

New Balance is a brand that I honestly never paid attention to. In fact, I only began to take notice last year, when I heard about the 990v5, and New Balance Vision by Jaden Smith. Once I began to do research on these trainers, I realised how underrated they were, with only a few athletes using them on the court or field. So, with as much competition, with other brands like Nike and Adidas, as they have, how did New Balance sales from 2010 to 2020, increase by almost 100%?

The answer is on the sole and the style of the trainers. New Balance has almost 60 steps to create one pair, and they explain that the shoe-making process is broken down into four stages:

  • Preparation

  • Initial Stitching

  • Hand Stitching

  • Assembly

The most important stage is the Assembly because the sole of the shoe is attached at this stage. It is something that New Balance has been working on since 1906, by its founder Jim Davis, when it originally started off as an American (foot) arch support company, which was so good that people asked to have it tailor-made for their feet. Yet they wouldn’t release a pair of trainers until much later. New Balanced stated that they never wanted celebrities to endorse their trainers, and only allow the trainers to speak for themselves. Which they do since the first 990 shoes came out in 1982, and they've never lost popularity through the decades, since.

I can see why and feel why!

So, with the history lesson out of the way, what do I think about it?

It's quite simple really. These are the most comfortable trainers that I have worn and owned. Every time I step in them, I feel as if, I am stepping on a cloud. This could be because of the shock-absorbing midsole technology, or the thick back, which like running shoes help cushion impact on your heels. The fact is, I am able to wear this every day and even jog in them, without a care in the world, which really shows the craftsmanship of New Balance 990v5. To some people, the concept of the all-day shoe or the "dad shoe" is considered unfashionable, but more people, especially those in the film industry, are now focusing on comfort as much as looks, so that concept really should fly out the window.

New Balance is now beginning to gain the respect it deserves, especially now, since more and more celebrities are just starting to discover them, most notably Jack Ma, Ben Affleck (even before the Yeezy’s!), and Kanye West.

For me, as someone who is always on my feet during film productions, being able to feel no pain for hours, even when running back and forth, while still looking smart and casual, shows how much I love these trainers. I believe everyone should own a pair of 990s, just for the reliability, durability and comfort.

The New Balance 990v5 gets FIVE TRAINERS out of FIVE.

So, what do you enjoy wearing on a day-to-day basis, and to filmmakers what do you wear on your shoot days?

Have a good one and stay safe. I'll be going for a walk in my 990v5 now.


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